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About TSTC >> About TSTC

Technical Services and Trading Company (hereafter called TSTC), has evolved from a small office with few engineers in 2000 to a Vietnam's leader Telecommunications accessories and devices provider company.  They continue to  focus on a solutions-oriented approach, delivering the leading edge technologies that are shaping the future in areas such as Telecommunications systems, Power supply systems, Data Communication systems and high availability.

The main field of activity is TSTC consulting, design, equipment supply and implementation services or BOT project for power supply in the Telecommunications Companies and abroad in Asia, Africa, the Americas .... company TSTC very proud of the quality of products, solutions and technical services we deploy. Besides technical staff have the skills and experience, TSTC also received direct assistance of foreign experts with many years of experience in technology-related products and has a deployment process supporting successful projects of international stature.



Ø  Creation from technological achievements: Promoting young creative resources to promote maximize the power of new technologies to serve the development of clean energy, smart devices in the field of Telecommunications and civil.

Ø  Building reputation from the quality of services: Comfirming the quality of products and services with comprehensive for customers is the first criterion to built professionalism of TSTC with the trust.

Ø  To be dynamic to international intergration: Developmenting skills in the whole system base on dynamic business environment under the management of advanced standard to match the trend of international.

Ø  Ambition to succeed: Continuously developing business in the new height, oriented-unshakeable development with many characters to confirm the position of business with more and more success.


Over more than 15 years of construction and development, manufacturing products for customers, now TSTC is an important partner of many manufacturers in the world of ZTE, Huawei, Emerson, Midnite, Alpha, Solar World, GhrePower , CSUN, AT & T, VNPT, Viettel, .. so we always have the conditions to obtain the advanced technology in the world. We have developed, integrated power systems for telecommunication stations with scales from 100kW to 1MW project solar power, or the automatic control system for telecommunication stations do not use grid power. Currently, TSTC primarily focusing on fields as:

Ø  Survey, design and implement the project deployment of solar and wind power supply for telecommunication stations and residential areas

·         Solar panels: multi-category, Thin Film, mono or poly crystalline, 12 or 24V output voltage, capacity of 1.5 Wp to 400Wp ...

·         Wind turbines: Type propeller shaft vertical or horizontal, 200W to 1000kW power electronic, three-phase AC voltage or 12/24 / 48Vdc, ...

·         Mechanical products: Wind turbine tower, Moungting frame for solar panels, height and tilt angle depending on the terrain and the requirements of customers, products withstand winds over 12 levels, powder coated or hot dip galvanized .

·         Accu System: AGM, GEL, Lithium-iron, from 2V to 48V voltage

·         Installation Accessories: Connection box, electrical wires, connectors, Grounding kit, ...

·         Installation: technical staff genuine trained, skilled and experienced installation done.

Ø  Perform maintenance services, maintenance of solar power systems, wind power, power systems for telecommunications systems and industries

·         The system uses renewable energy sources, integrated source of a smaller capacity, medium power class, large-capacity type. Independent power system or power grid small, medium power class, large-capacity type

·         Testing and quality assessment battery types: Accu AGM, Gel, Sealed no maintenance voltage of 2V, 6V, 12V up to 6000Ah capacity; Lithium battery - Iron, ...

Ø  Providing solutions for remote monitoring equipment, equipment operating automatically in the BTS station, ....

·         The ATS Timer

·         Generator control unit automatically paired with the source and BTS cabinet

·         Generator Battery chargers

·         Charge your phone or handheld use solar energy

·         Power supply small capacity using renewable energy for the mobile repeater station

·         The anti-theft warning solar panels

·         Solution quality monitoring organization remote Accu

Ø  Providing solutions for optical devices

·         Provide MODF for head network technical center

·         Provide closure and mechanical Connector

Ø  Providing solutions for instrumentation, telecom test systems

·         Battery tester: logic analyzer, measurement, quality assessment battery, power analyzers, data analyzers, analyzers composition of substances, ...

·         R&D of mechanical and electrical divisions: the kind of dedicated tester for assessing the quality of the source device, the machine measures the electrical, ...

·         The portable Metter: multifunction meter, meter earthing resistors, gauges insulation resistance, tension has gas, solar radiation, wind speed, ..





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